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Charlotte Ronson is Dating Fun. Frontman Nate Ruess: Details

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@rachelantonoff: The family that showers together (x)

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HEY ppl i think i might get back into posting stay tuned B|

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Nate’s awkward kiss (x)

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Antonoff’s eyes are pink and watery, and he keeps cocking his jaw and groaning, but that doesn’t stop the 30-year-old fun. guitarist from cheerily showing me the room he grew up in, ­every surface (including the ceiling) ­covered in posters and memorabilia—­Beatles dolls next to Anthrax stickers and Wayne’s World stills; windows covered in faded concert tickets for bands from Depeche Mode to the Max Weinberg 7; one wall just for Jimi Hendrix; another for skateboarding, ska, and Green Day (the band that got him started playing ­guitar); countless Broadway-cast albums and Playbills (Grease!HairsprayXanadu!); vinyl albums by the Stones and the Allman Brothers nailed to the wall; and a walk-in closet filled with the most impressive Star Wars memorabilia collection I’ve ever seen: figurines spilling out of three full bookcases and guarded by life-size cardboard cutouts of a Storm Trooper and Obi-Wan Kenobi. (Antonoff’s bar mitzvah was Star Wars–themed.) I nearly step on the envelope his good friend Taylor Swift gave him when she announced fun.’s Grammy nomination for 2012 Album of the Year. “I don’t know where to put this shit,” he says, pointing at a slew of gold and platinum records, mostly strewn on the floor. He thinks the “coolest” one is the platinum record for fun.’s 2012 Some Nights album. “Singles, whatever,” says Antonoff. “But selling a million albums feels like an impossible thing to do.” [x]

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"This is the first night on tour in America that our parents aren’t with us… You know what that means. We’re gonna drink lots of soda! Actually, can I get a Sprite?”

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What AIR is

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